Putting creativity on your flat lays. 

 Here are three flat lays I did this morning, as you know flat lays is something that is a thing on the gram. Here is a simple way of doing your own flat lay and adding creativity to it plus making your own photo stand out from others flat lay.

Some of my tips. 

1, I love to use a plain white background, Lucky for me I have a wooden white floor at home which is very handy for my flat lays.

2, I like to take photos with natural light and mainly in the mornings.

3, I usually put all things together first, I like my flat lay to have many items, the more the better. Sometimes few items.

4, Edit the photos after, but must check if they are really good to my own standard before proceeding to edit.

5, Keep the colours in place, all item on the lay colours must not be too edited, I love the colours to reflect out.

6, Jewellery, I always love to add them to my flat lays, it gives extra sparkle. Mainly gold ones.

After this, you are done and ready to post.

 Every time you do flat lays, make it different and add something creative to it.

Note no major rule for doing flat lay, just balance your item well and snap snap. Take the photo with phone or camera, it depends on an individual. 

Photo Credit to myself.

Happy weekend




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