To think my parent almost name me the (slim beauty) was a near miss! 
I have a little C-O-N-F-E-S-S-I-O-N to tell you all, i have not been eating very healthy of recent. I basically went from being a healthy eater to eating everything on danger lane off  fat high street! (basically junk) It was one hell of a drastic wrong turn! (poker face) I wasn’t thinking straight. 

Before i start, thank you all for the positive response from my last post.

Summer is just round the corner everyone is busting round with their bikini body pic on Instagram except me! (Oh, la la) That is simply because i don’t have the Naomi Campbell body type to flaunt!! (roll eyes) As i am writing this article, i have now branched out to a G-O-O-O-D measure to sort my F-A-T body out. To save my life, i don’t think any handsome looking F-E-L-L-A will even take a close look at me!! If you have seen me in real life, i am very smallish! I think that is what they called petite or something like that. So it is very important i keep in shape.

How did i got here ? 
Well i have been playing around M&S apple pie with full tick cream! (but why) To be honest it is simply (holy yummy) for once I thought the high way code for been careful with food like this did not apply to me. But i was wrong, until i recently  looked at my self in the mirror i was like (oh, my gash) Jesus please fix it. It was only one day i tried the apple pie that was it….. I became a regular customer. 
Problems area.
My hands, waist line and my tummy are the main affected areas. My hands is not currently tone, plus my fat tummy is still there.

What is my fix plan.
This will not happen over night but with steady and constant routine! I have now taken my gym routine very seriously, drinking more water of course is another helpful way. I have also started to eat more healthy and eating fruit on a daily basis. Sometimes i make myself smoothie, mixing banana with strawberry adding milk together. As soon as i drink a full glass i feel so full. The other thing i take into consideration is eating when i am really hungry! (i am trying) I am used to a bad habit when i eat even if i am not really hungry. No more of that, i wait to for my tummy to call for food before i eat something healthy. So far this is working for me. (praise the lord for that) I am also off cocktails for now to try and get good result. Hopefully in the near future.

Importance of staying healthy.
For me, i am more active when i am healthy i move easily. But as soon as i notice my body weight is getting back to the danger zone i start to get very lazy. This is my biggest fear. Also i am very short that means if i put on too much weight. ( hello the shortest) 
General health wise, if you stay healthy it means less medical D-RA-M-A! Although we cannot predict how life goes! Secondly healthy lifestyle make skin look good and the general body look on fleck!!
Lastly the cost of buying new clothes every time and coming to terms that they will not fit after a short period of time is worth thinking of. Remember the  more you buy the more clutter you have, hoping one day it will fit and that day never show up. 

So far i am getting there gradually! I will keep you guys updated how far i am getting on with it. (pray for me)
If you have any suggestion please leave comment below!

Finally i have now stop buying apple pie.  (Thank you sweet Lord

I created the photos putting some of my daily eating healthy new habit together. Photos taken with my Iphone 6 plus.
                                                               Hope you enjoy this post.
Red Mini Celine Box
Black Bag Chloe drew
Shoes Christian Louboutin so kate. 

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