I feel so much love to wear too many clothes.

I don’t know what some people are smoking or what they are on, I mean “faceless monster behind the keyboard” Some of these people just don’t have a stop bottom, the Internet is the only place you read cheap low rated mean comments like.” you are so ugly” note once over and over again.

This particular person kept leaving the same mean comment everywhere on my Insta and even follow me to Facebook, took her time to type me long hated message. The shocking surprise is when I checked her page, good lord. It was like a page from FBI unsolved crime diary.

So I asked how much do people earn from mean comments?

What drive people to this level?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to block people over a pair of shoes post. Reasons are if you block a hater, they open another Insta page or use a friend page to continue their trolls. I am staying grounded with more positive smile on my face. Bring it.

Small talk about the weather
The good news is, spring is coming near, The not so good news is winter is not going anytime soon. UK weather is still cold AF. While some part of EU experienced 300 meters wide of snow fall this weekend, for real I want to smell the sunshine soon.

My favorite look of this week, my black flare pant is this week uniform.


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