Astrology style zone for 2016, don’t freak out.

I for once never take horoscope thing serious but I find it fun to read, on today section, mercury is moving the snowflake in your direction. Stay calm with a backup plan from the new moon, the Sun, Pluto are also trying to figure things out. 
Sometimes when my day doesn’t go according to plan, I always wonder what my horoscopes have in store for me, meanwhile, on my mind i am always thinking i hope one day i read it like, Sophia as you walk out through the door of your house first thing in the morning, there is a cheque of $5million waiting for you outside to take.
Instead, I read things like work hard or your love life is following Mercury to an unknown destination. 
Susan Millers the Astrology queen have it all ready here 

Aquarius are you listening to this? Don’t you dare get upset even if you don’t have time to put your feet up, just remember to send me some cookies. Ian this is for you, not sure if you can make cookies?

Did I just read that you are about to climb to a higher point? Just remember I told you this here, please take me with you. A simple request, don’t think about it twice. You already had so much fun in December without me, what a life.

You seem to have a lot going on at the moment, I will rather not get myself tangled up in it. Damn it, not what you expect from me. I hope mercury retrograde with a better plan for you soon, I hope you find peace in your love life along the line. All the best anyway.

Taurus Your January is on fleek I mean double fleek, feel free to give me a call if you need someone to fleek it with. Am here for you. Also, you are going to travel a lot, I can be your travel partner too, we can go anywhere on planet earth.

Sweet GEMINI my oh my
Gemmmmm is that you? Did I just read that you are going to have a lot to do with work? Hell no, I really don’t like too much work but I like the continuous flow of money. And the usual shopping, drinking and eating macaroons.
God the father, the son and of the holy spirit, please take the work load part off the list. Am really not up for killing myself for any reasons. Common team Gemini let’s go rock and roll.

Sorry Cancer your relationship life seems very complicatedly right now, I hope your Mr charming fine you in whatever way. I am really not a great adviser on this topic. You are going to have a lot going on, take it easy with the magic game.

Listen LEO
You have a very exciting plan to look sleek and sexy, good one boo boo, just take a chill pill because the year is very early. Your life right now is on the busy end like London traffic, the shocking truth is that you are not ready to slow down anytime soon. The universe is watching you closely.

You are currently planning to jazz up your love life, WOW Sounds so good Hun? Be careful because you might have a baby soon. Start planning now.

First and foremost I don’t like the tip toe business or whatever thing,  make some important decision about your business now as plans might not go in the right direction. Don’t worry too much the universe is in control.

Sorry Scorpio I really don’t know what your destiny is up to, try and figure it out. Just don’t follow the crowd, shopping therapy might be a good idea to consider from me.

Good news that you are going to find a way for your money to grow on a tree like magic, I will like to be your friend when the money starts growing. So we can go shopping and fly around the world together. Don’t let me down.

It’s birthday month, you will receive golden beams from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. WOW, Capricorn you are going great this year, because Jupiter. Virgo happens to be in the perfect position to help you start your dream work.

Photos by Ian Anderson

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