Still on that Happy Easter Groove.

Hope you guys enjoyed your Easter holiday ? I had time to rest my legs over the weekend and just relaxed after a nice week. 
It has been a busy few day on the blog, as you already notices the new changes, hopefully work should finish soon, my IT guy is sorting the blog out. This is something he started few weekends ago after i tried to switch over to Google plus and everything went wrong then i realised i cannot do it. Professional hand will be better to help me reorganise the blog in a more professional way. Also the blog name will be changed too. It will be a whole new platform. I am super excited and looking forward to the finishing result.

 Like i told you the last time about the FF7 movie, i saw it on Friday night and i am glad i did. The movie is brilliant. Girls kicking ass and throwing punch like tonic water!! The only movie you see cars flying out from the air plane like the world is coming to an end. Hackers don’t look like hackers but look more of a clean chic on a mission impossible. Cars riding from building to building it keep getting better and better. The stunt continues. Never let our enemy catch you out so easily when you are having your dinner like Jason Statham  a bag of grenade might help.The last fight scene was more of use whatever you have to find a way out, and finally Paul Walker ending part let me in tears.What a life we live in. What i like about the franchised is the whole multiculturalism crew including African-Americans, Latino and giving female stars a chance to kick ass too. 
This outfit i wore while i was on holiday, double linen top and skirt, something i have never tried before, but experiment works sometimes.  I have wore both top and skirt separately but pairing both together was fun.

I was wearing:
Top Tkmaxx
Skirt Asos
Heels Stuart Weitzman
Photos by Ian Anderson
Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week

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