“Hey you young lady”

” Your shoes are “PRETTY.” 

When it comes to footwear in any type of weather, and to fashion all year round, I know my self as one of those people who wear inappropriate shoes every time. I like to have fun with shoes and colourful clothes, following the rule is off my agenda. Only when the condition is at a critical stage like some part of USA.

Here is a conversation between me and a stranger on the street.

Based on a popular demand to wear a nautical rope strap shoes. A chic summer sandal mainly made to be worn in warm weather, I have mistakenly worn them in winter, which somehow cause a stir in the direction of “Hey you young lady.” Your shoes and then silence another silence, followed by the awkward acknowledgement of your shoes are “PRETTY.”

With no filter conversation, are your legs not cold? Oh, my shoes must be causing the wrong traffic. I am strapped for time this is not the right time to start an unprofessional conversation, In the middle of the road because of inappropriate shoes. In a quick defence response I said I like your shoes too, OK see you again.

Not a lot of short skirts, bare legs, and six-inch designer pumps in a chili condition. Coat boots scarf are the essential to keep the cold weather at a back off point.

Do you also wear inappropriate shoes for the wrong weather?

Do you have to wear boots throughout the cold days?

Sorry, I am impatient to keep shoes waiting to be worn for the next season. I understand the weather conditions in some part of USA is at a critical stage, don’t put yourself at risk stay warm.


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