Do you know what a fugazi is ? 
The Insta fame mask is falling off already. 

It’s late on Monday evening indoors after day job is done, another day gone so quick. My first excellent Christmas present is even here. While I am constantly thinking of how to improve on my life outside blogging and social media, to chase all my dreams before I reach the age Ultron. Same time someone else is having a midlife crisis on social media fame. (Insta queen)
Essena-O’Neill manage to broke the internet on the fake life of social media, the MASK fell off. I read about her story on Daily mail website and was really shocked to hear her revelations. The big issue remain these top bloggers with half a million followers everywhere give people the impression that their life is so perfect and they are the best in the game.

 I am not here to judge her or pass any judgement, as a blogger i feel this social media issue is an ongoing conversation. (do whatever rock your boat)

I don’t know if it is a stunt to gain more fame or whatever, but she sure gain the world top newspaper attention coverage free of charge. Watch her confession video on here
Essena O’Neill uploaded a 17-minute-long video to YouTube – now deleted – and told her tens of thousands of subscribers why she had decided to leave behind the world of Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat.
The 19-year-old complained that her glossy lifestyle, documented in a string of photos, was not making her happy. And she criticised bloggers’ relationship with advertisers and the pressure to stay thin and beautiful.

‘I can’t afford rent right now,’ she said. ‘It’s like I am embarrassed to admit that I need help… if this is of value to you then please support me because I can’t afford my own real life.
Essena O’Neill, from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, confessed to building a social media empire where she was paid to flaunt designer clothing and food products in a bid to ‘delude’ her followers into buying them.
Since proclaiming her disdain for the ‘instafamous culture’ and the effects she believes it has on young people’s self-worth, Ms O’Neill has gained worldwide notoriety – with many people taking to social media to praise her for having the strength to speak out against the industry.
However, others have questioned if it is just another marketing stunt to promote her new website ‘Let’s be game changers‘, where she encourages others to live a life without digital distractions.


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Somebody once left a comment on my Instagram photo, “Sophia you should do what your mate are doing to get more visitors, stage your photos and retouch them and you will be ready to roll, your photos are just ordinary daily life post but OK”

I have always made it very clear, my social media pages are simply to promote my blog and styling work, share holiday adventures. Nothing personal or my family life. I understand my boundaries and know when to put my phone down, I have  received a lot of request like “Sophia when are you posting you man pic on Instagram” I usually laugh because is not going to happened, that is not my aim on social media.  If you can discipline your self on how to utilize your social media pages, you should not have any problem getting too obsessed.

Have you heard of Instagram star-Essena-Oneill quits her fake social media life to reveal true story?

What is fake on social media?

Your thought on the Sudden Insta fame rise? 

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