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Let’s talk about this Kenzo spray collage printed stretch-crepe midi skirt, inspired by hieroglyphics and spiritual symbols. “explores the legacy of a tribe” 

I got this skirt from Paris as a gift, took photos from Paris somehow the camera battery went flat. On Sunday last week in London, we went out so I used that opportunity to pose for a photo in one of the big building in central London. This Kenzo skirt was love at first sight, I don’t know if it is because of the big print on it that caught my eyes. I am liking it every day by day. It was my first time to have any Kenzo collection, never really checked their brand that much even though their name pops up on my gram daily. There are so many brands out there is hard sometimes to know everything, haven’t said that, I have seen some of Kenzo sweatshirt that I really love for this coming season. (wish list too long)

I wore this look with my old sweatshirt and black heels, the weather on Sunday last week was really good, that is the type of dream weather on a good note. Not yet a sub-zero temperature that is coming soon.

Did I tell you guys I went overboard with my Paris shopping? Here is what went down, staying near a flagship shopping mall on holiday can sometimes be a good and bad idea. Good idea in a way you might find an item that you have been looking for, the bad idea is you get the urge to go in and shop every time. I also got my YSL clutch, Tom Ford Iconic bag and Zara boots from Paris, the boots and bag were on my shopping list for some time, so i guess i was so happy to have found them. When ever I visit any country I try to get a particular item so I can use it to remember the journey and do a reflection back sometimes. Sometimes even if it is a simple tee I just get and use that to think of the location it came from.

The interesting facts about shopping across the different country in EU are, the price difference something is worth considering. Things are much cheaper and not highly taxed like here in the UK. For example, this skirt was a little bit cheaper from Paris compared to the price they have it on Net-a- Porter. One of the best places to do shopping in EU in my opinion is Lisbon. The last time I went there, I could not believe the price comparison. Here in the UK things are over priced plus the high taxed which is another thing.

Talking of holiday hint hint, something is cooking.

Sweat shirt old 
Heels Christian Louboutin pigalle 120mm 
Photos by Ian Anderson 

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