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Khaki green is one unique colour that comes with a super edgy vibe.

Colour wise, I do not have enough green or khaki green in my closet, as much as I would love to have more of it. This is one colour I haven’t found anything khaki green I like that much.

Styling everything in two colours was the idea, which I did achieve here. I wanted something sharp with no fuss swag, wearing my office wear. The long sleeve I wore is the one I normally wear to my office, which I figure out it goes with my coat pretty well.The black culottes I wore here is my favorite work wear too, super easy and comfortable to run around.

In another news:
I am off to Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. Known for historic sites, this will be my first time in Malta and am really looking forward to exploring.

While I will be away, I will not have much time to blog, I really want to take time out to rest and give the blog a little break. The last two weeks for me in one word is crazy, sleepless night catching up with appointment and work. Updated will resume when I am back in the country. Hopefully, I can share some holiday photos.




Did you notice changes in these photos? Well, we have another wonderful photographer who will be taking me photos alongside Jennifer and Ian from time to time.
Photos by Aanu Famo 
Makeup by Jennifer

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I am over and out. 

See  you soon.


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