Fashion is a pain, criticism is cheap, support is expensive as hell.

I often hear people complain about how they don’t get support from others, but forget to examine themselves to see if they have offered support to others in any platform. This is plain and simple logic, what you give is what you get back.

“She doesn’t support me”, have you checked your self to see if you support her?

If you don’t want to support others then don’t expect people to come and serve you like a Queen or a King.
Some people feel that supporting others is too much work, some feel it is not worth it, while some feel they have to support others with terms and conditions that they like. Well news flash. That’s how others will also think of you. These things go around.

Small story talk:

My colleague was telling me the other day of how she attended a wedding that was full of empty chairs, lots of preparation done but unfortunately less than 10 guests turned up. The bride was even crying, she couldn’t believe her eyes. But why? The bride’s sister told my colleague that her sister does not have time for anyone, neither does she support anyone including friends and family, her wedding empty chairs were a payback.

Ladies and gentlemen, that is life giving you back what you gave others, don’t mention the Devil at all, this is simply how you treat others that comes back again and again.

How does this connect to fashion?

In today’s fashion industry only the best get praised. People forget that they started from somewhere before becoming a professional. Instead of offering support to others people jump on criticism like bread and butter.

As I grow older I learn and apply this formula, I know those who support me from their hearts and those who don’t. This is very easy, support for support, nothing for nothing. This is only fair.
Never beg anyone for support. This is because you are not going to get anywhere genuinely positive.

From my experience of life, when you beg people for support they automatically see you as weak and powerless, ready to do anything. That is when you get terms and conditions in small prints.
On the other hand, it is not every one you accept support from, because some people are seriously going to trap you with that. Apply careful consideration in this subject matter.

On this note, before you complain that others don’t support you, check your self first and be very clear.
I remember when I first started this blog, I used to visit many blogs. In time I realised that they were the non support DIVAS, I had to do the maths myself.

The other day on the Gram, I read on someone’s page in a particular photo, that they were complaining how they don’t get support and the rest drama.

SWEETHEART that I love the comment and arguments in the comment section. Another fan asked “do you support others, to expect the same support from people?”

Another one replied: “she usually feels too big to acknowledge a nice photo.”

You think people don’t have eyes on the Gram?They do and sometimes get into trouble for that ( the gram thugs).

Talking of the Gram, I have learned the hard way from the Gram (VIP DIVAS) you keep looking Hun ? (does the photo look like alien from the scope ?)  Same here i will keep looking and make sure I don’t forget any emoji in your comment section. (But the photo is gorgeous though) in your mind.

I accept people are busy minding their own business and time is precious too, but supporting others doesn’t cost a damn thing.

The universe is so big that there will always be opportunity for every one, don’t feel if you support others your blessings will be taken away from you. That is wrong, in fact the more support you genuinely give, the more unexpected blessings that will come your way. This is a fact.  

Outfit small talk:

I understand that my outfit of today – which is layering on top of layering, in the mother of all colours YELLOW – wearing a four piece suit combination of yellow and mustard might not get support from the whole world. This is because some people might think “what is she wearing?” But for those who understand the rhythm of style, most especially when Galaxy is involved, the stars can shine in different directions of styling and creativity. Those creative mind that cluster understand this.

This look
Photo credit to Ian Anderson

Apologies for bringing this photo late to this blog, that is because I eat too many macaroons and sometimes forget myself. I found this photo the other day inside my hard drive, one of the Parisian shot i did sometime ago.

I need to go now

See you later.

In the main time i am coming back to read the vexation below.

Clear throat for that*


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