There’s always something about yellow colour that i love which keeps me on the bold side. Am a bit obsessed with the vibe.

I will admit that i love yellow colour! so much but am not going into details today. Fast forward to the today post details.

Game of Thrones anyone? I am not going to lie, i have never watch it. Everyone I know seems to be under the spell of Game of Thrones, except me! (Excused me please) I was having a conversation with my friend on the phone yesterday and she was going on about it, i was like (Oh God) i have seen that advert on TV but never really have interest in watching it. She replied “you are so weird everybody is watching it” Well i am not everybody, am different and don’t give a damn if the whole world is watching jack sparrow before bed time. I am particularly attracted to some kind of TV shows like Person of Interest, NCIS Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0,The Haves and the Have Nots, CSI: Cyber and many others. If i have to watch everything that is on TV, i might as well become human version of Netflix then i can give everybody free Streaming. (Ain’t nobody got time to be glue to TV 24hr ) I understand we now live in a social world where news spread like wild fire and everyone on track with it all. (i am unapologetic if i am not with it all) 
Are you a fan of any TV shows? What are your best selections?
And i end the Game of thrones ramble with curiosity of when i am going to actually watch it.

As to the happy photos here, Jennifer shoot these on Sunday on our way out. She did my makeup and   was very supportive while i was getting ready. I am lucky she does photograph and makeup all in one together. Thank you.
Let me get the hell out of here!!

Wearing Zara Jeans and Top. Heels Matalan , blazer Hobbs 

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