Happy new year.

How are you guys settling into the new year? I am taking each days as it comes, first of all i have put on weight since eating my self out during the Christmas period. I am back at the gym now hopefully i don’t give up soon!!  I can hardly function when my body feels heavy and i get tired so easily. Every time i think of how cold the weather is, i say Oh, well i will go tomorrow and i never go anywhere. Also i intend to do more walking  instead of jumping inside the car or train and bus. Do you guys have a new year resolutions ? Well i don’t have any, i just want to finish the things i started from the previous years.
I wore this outfit during my holiday stay at the canary island, this chic look perfect for a lovely hot weather. Not suitable for London current weather.
I have started clearing out my wardrobe, you know some items just need to go. I have signed up to an app where you can sell and buy items, the app is called depop, my name there is sophialastyle, check it out. The app is just like instagram you get followers and follow other people who also sell other items, it is very easy and quick payment  with paypal. You have a good rest of mind in case you don’t received your item. I will be uploading item on a continuous basis, also i intend to upload some to my eBay shop at a later time. I will keep up updated.  Every year i like to detox my wardrobe, is not as if i am going to shop the whole of London back into my wardrobe again, i just want a good clear out and keep the items i actually need.
I also have another good news to share with you all soon.
Stay bless and keep enjoying the new year.

Outfit details
Top DVF Old sold out
Belt Asos See it here
Shoes Zara Here
Skirt Vintage Try this site
Sunglasses Zerouv check their site here
Photo Credit to Ian Anderson
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