Malta is beautiful, with super cool vibe, a must see place.

Malta is the story I can’t explain, a city filled with colours of all kinds and above all very clean city with a cool vibe. If you are familiar with the hashtag or hashtagging #thestylegalaxyinMalta and follow me Insta. You must have seen some of these photos already. Malta is a beautiful place I was waiting all this time to visit.

From the breathtaking seaside view, cute colourful doors and windows. The hotel service was super great, I will like to say the top of the class, It was easy to navigate through streets and villages using bus or ferry to travel from place to place.

Another interesting thing is, Malta is just similar to London, same red phone box, postal box, road signs and drawing similar to what we have here in London. The price I saw in various shops was even the same as London. The other fun part is the island is an English speaking island with very friendly people.

I enjoyed my stay and had so much time to put my feet up and relax, looking through photos while, on a flight coming back. We took more than 400 photos, (Crazy) I can’t wait to share them with you guys.




Outfit photos by Ian Anderson
The rest photos taken by Me. (Sophia)

I am back home in London the land of cold and tea drinkers!
I heard snow is coming to London? Oh, no.

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