Happy weekend!

Brace yourself for what you are about to read. I don’t like to blast people but when i do, am sure they will think twice next time. If you already follow me on Instagram, you must have seen some of my post relating to fashion bomb daily feature.
The amount of comparism comment I saw from pure wicked hatred people. For anyone to think I started my blog because of someone’s or dress like someone’s is just a JOKE.
I am someone who support lots of bloggers of all colours and will continue to do so. It is a shame some bloggers engineer hate and encourage nasty comment on social media. The world is big enough for everyone to do what they like and start what every interest them. Since I started my blog, I like to get creative with my outfit and mix my colours how it suit me. I don’t follow trends. I just like to look comfortable in my own way. 
Again I will never on any occasion compare myself with somebody, that means I am ungrateful with the amount of blessing God said is my.
This is a typical example. Remember when lady Gaga first came out, so many bad mouth on social media called her so many names and said she was copying Madonna. Until they got fed up when they saw Gaga selling music and being on every news papers. 
Where are those people now ? Hiding their face I guess while Gaga and Madonna continue to make more money. 
I am someone with a very thick skin and am tough too, so I don’t see any of that comment stopping me from blogging or posting more outfit I have already worn or yet to wear. 
The bad news is, I am going to be around blogging for a very long time. 
If I remember one of the comment, one wrote . “You get many comment on your blogs when so and so blogger who wear louboutin don’t get that kind of comment.” Shame on that person, because I support my fellow bloggers community and get same back, so if any one thinks they are going to wear 100 pairs of louboutin and don’t get enough comment on their blog, that is not my problem. 
Wearing louboutin does not make anyone stylish or look better than the rest people. It all comes down to what you like to buy. 
 Louboutin shoes does not cook , make love , kiss or clean for any
one. In fact it is a very painful shoes to wear. 
One thing is for sure, for anyone who support hate and online bullying. What they give out they get the same in double fold. It is only a matter of time.
There are so many bloggers out there and some happen to wear similar outfit. That is none of my business it is what they like to buy with their money. 
Imagining going to the shop to buy cloths and bags, you start asking sale assistant how many people already but this item ? How is that any of your business if 200 people already bought same items.
It is a dangerous thing to be everybody’s cup of tea. 
Have a great weekend. 
I am in my sick bed with cold, and hope I get better for the next blog. 
I created this look while on holiday , when I went out for evening drink. Just simple and casual with comfortable shoes. 

What i was wearing.
Gap Jeans old
Shoes Asos
Chloe drew bag
Marks and Spencer jumper
Photo credit to Ian Anderson
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