*STYLE* is the art of how you express your self through what you wear, not the price you pay for fashionable clothes. 
And not all heavy price tag are worth buying!! 
Hello guys. Yesterday girlyyyy outfit.

As a fully grown woman or still growing up as my mum would say, (your 32 teeth are still growing). I am more aware of the beauty of life and appreciate little thing that even cost £5 not particularly designer stuff,
as i get to a certain stage in life, i a very aware of the things i genuinely love, i appreciate the universe more and more on a daily basis.

God i hope this is interesting to someone!
Yesterday walking along London O2 i was approach by a lady who ask what brand is my top and skirt, this off shoulder top and skirt you are looking at. I told her it is no brand just a regular top i pick up from Tkmaxx and skirt from Next, i did not look at the name on the label of the top. She reply  “how much  does it cost because i love how you wore it like it is one expensive outfit”, well news flash the top cost £12 from Tkmaxx, skirt cost £35 from Next. I thank her for her honesty and she reply “she thought it was a designer top and skirt” for fact that i  wore a brand shoes and bag doesn’t mean i should wear a brand skirt and top.
I have always love to mix and match with high street and the rest together like that, ( you can catch me inside Zara any time), this top i wore here, if it was a designer one with a price tag of £500, sorry i will not try it, because it should not be.

The other day i read on somebody Instagram profile, which goes like, ” not your average girl, everything is designer all year round”. Sweat heart that is every girls dream in reality, not by faking it on social media.

Now that we are in a social media fast age, it might be more worrying to some people to always wear brand and brag about it (all of that), Instagram is now a fashion daily roll-on where all the brand competition is going down like you have never seen before, you might assume some of this people come from a R-I-C-H family, (certainly not). I even notice somebody stole another person photo and claim they bought the shoes. (God forbid)

Lets be clear.

I love quality and stylish things including M-ON-E-Y, but i want value for my money and know where to put it. The fact remains the same, a designer bag and shoe does not feed anyone or make love to anybody. (plain and simple), there are some brand i will continue to like and buy, why some just doesn’t float my boat. I like to invest in something that will last me for a long term. It could be from local market store or the village shop as long as it is a quality one, ( i say yes to that) .

Life is not all about brand this and brand that.
Buy things from your heart, not because you have to impress anyone of social media brag. No buying rule apply to anyone, if you can afford it why not.

On this note i somehow feel we are leaving at a high speed nowadays, which makes feels people are not really connected to what they want, just following the flow, looking at big names and label .

What is your thought on this ?

Be it designer or not, i know how to make an outfit look super fly.

I don’t believe in spending what you don’t have.

Accessories from thepeachbox 

                                                                Photo by Jennifer R.
See you soon.


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