Some girls won’t dance to the beats of the track.  

We have another interesting topic that might concern you, I have tried to find the perfect title for this topic, but this was how far i got.

Seriously am getting this mix reaction how some bloggers don’t want to be called or refer to as a fashion blogger, even though they started as an unknown small fashion blogger now they are big and shooting for top brands and all of that. Suddenly they don’t want to be called a blogger. (the name of the game is FAME)
 My mum always says no matter how big you become, always remember where you started from and never use your mouth to destroy it because it will always be part of you and who you become.

I have read a recent interview from one famous fashion blogger, in that interview I quote ” I guess the industry would call me a blogger, but I’m not really down with that. The term doesn’t mean anything, and it diminishes the value of what you actually do”

In an another blogger Gram photo with a caption ” I hate to be called a blogger” under the comments section, another comment from her fellow blogger go like ” I don’t want to be Called an effin blogger “

Another comment asked, ” why do you hate being called a blogger?”  at this point I wasn’t interested in reading the rest conversation.

So I have been thinking, what is wrong if you are called a blogger? Or not? You were an unknown small fashion blogger before you got to whatever high level or stage you are at present, now you don’t want to be called a blogger. (How interesting) if you are good at what you do, the named blogger doesn’t have any bad effect. (depending on who is reading this)

My formal lecturer in university always says “when fame hits, is like a train on the track”

From this post, I asked where you at with your blogging ? That you don’t want to be called a fashion blogger anymore?

Do you think being Called a blogger will diminish your worth or value?  or people will treat you less ? I really don’t know the answer to this.

Your thought on this subject.

This look I wore on Jennifer birthday few days ago, we went to O2 late in the evening to watch a movie and something to celebrate her day. I actually left home without any good jacket or a coat, i was so cold coming back home. This weather mean serious business, and that big hair ? 

White jumper Gap
Bag Celine

Photos by Jennifer 

Don’t worry you can call me a fashion blogger, in my opinion that will not reduce the amount of blessing i will get. Even if you call me a creative jargon  i will still be the same person anyway.

Share your thought on this.

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