Risk is hard to take, the hope can be very painful. 

Living life on the edge is not something that should happened everyday in ones life, but sometimes life throws us to the edge of nothing. If I can summon up my life growing up as a teenager in one line of writing, it will be RISK on every level, that include the breakfast I did not finish this morning, was a huge risk leaving home at the crack of dawn with unfinished food. The clock ticks faster this days than I can apply some eye liner on.

It is not as if I found happiness in taking a risk all the time or is something good, looking back at the past to what went left and right before, everything seems to have a connection with risk, I think things happened for a reason. I have been close to some many dangerous situations, but somehow I am still here typing this article. Which brings me to the topic of today, what is your risk limit? 
Something happened few days ago, which involves making a huge decision that will be very risky. I sat down thinking for hours, in the end I said hell no. I can’t take that much risk anymore, but if this was before I would have done it. In think the older and matured you get, the better you are making less risky choices. I remember In my whatever teen CRAZY days with what the (heck flipping teenager attitude). I could careless of consequences or think twice, is fascinating how growing up can change a lot of things. 
Going out every day is risky, sitting indoors is risky and in fact probably everything we do is risky, either planned or unplanned. 
As a fashion blogger, setting up a fashion digital outlet in the midst of gazillion of best bloggers is something on the edge. Not knowing what the outcome will be later. For example, the fashion industry is considered the riskiest business to venture and the same time very profitable, interesting with lots of challenges on the side menu.   
The first outfit with yellow coat and hat remind me of Dick Tracy pixlar style, paired with jeans culottes.The second outfit was what i wore few days ago, with a black fur wrap. 

Look 1, Old Zara coat with Asos converted dungarees, Zara heels and Tom ford bag. Hat from HM old. Photos by Jennifer
Look 2, Zara pants, Marks and Spencer jumper, Tk Maxx fur wrap, Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm, YSL bag. Photos by Myself. 


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