A place to switch off and enjoy the beauty of life, Paris beauty is a real charm, endless shops to shop from. Home of Fashion, most beautiful place for photo shoot of your choice, while trying to look like a sexy Parisian chic.

Every time I whisper to myself that I need to take a break from blogging, I usually take a few days off and am back. This time I took more time off to focus on other commitments, and a little break in love city AKA Paris. It feels good to be back again. Thanks to those who sent emails asking if everything was OK. What did I miss ?

How time flies so fast, March ending is here April fool soon! 

Just before I went away I accidentally smashed my iPhone 6plus screen, (little sad face). Within one hour until I found a place to repair the phone, I felt my life was over, the reality of using expensive shit became real to me. I suddenly felt isolated from everything. My phone is my sat nav that means I also lost my sense of direction, I find it weird how humans are so connected to just ordinary mobile phones.

When I finally have my phone back with new screen, I got home sat down in deep thought for hours just asking myself. What did people use to do far back 15yrs 20yrs ago without smart phone ?

I remember the days of Nokia 33.10 AKA “the real deal” the phone that never breaks. People lived and concentrated on daily life. Back than there was no snap it chat or posting selfies on Facebook, twitter what ever. People mainly used land line phone and life was “fabulous”. Less chaos, distraction and no one was taking food pics then. What is happening now ? Well, I tell you something for sure if you don’t have a working phone,things don’t feel right.

For example, so many time I have sat in a restaurant looking through the menu with some food strange name like “African chocolate with Russian twist and American Toppings” what does that means and look like. Thank God for my phone, I usually pull it out and hit the Google search to see what the food looks like.

Vent your spleen if you can live without a working phone.

Photography by Sophia Oshodin
Outfit  photos by Ian Anderson 

                                                              Happy Easter to you all.

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