If you are a fan of arm candy or into the blink, trying to decide your perfect modern style bangle for that outfit or any occasions. You are just in luck. Let’s talk about this exclusive arm bangle for all situations.
Happy Sunday all. I am still trying to adjust to my normality since I got back, one thing for sure I will be back to my workspace station tomorrow Monday. (i missed my holiday, crying face) , Did I forgot to say a happy new month of July ? Blame it on my tiredness. (am working on it)

The outfit we wear will not be complete without accessories such as a gorgeous jewellery for all occasions, you should start thinking about the beautiful collections from THEPECHBOX get it here Site . From luxe-metallic-collection and gold, silver of various design, so many perfect pieces you will find on their site that will add perfection to your signature style. 
Thepeachbox is nothing short of amazing jewellery collection with affordable price. Add a beautiful statement to your look with some magical sparkle, they have an amazing design I am proud of. I wore two of my favourites pieces , the modern latch bangle – Gold and roman empress bangle – Rose Gold.

Use this a coupon code for your orders, just use “tpb-thestylegalaxy” (which gives 15% off). It’s valid until the end of July 2015. Get it here Site

I wore this outfit to lunch today to see a lovely friend of my, I am trying to catch up with everyone I have missed while I was away. As you can see I wore a skirt on ripped jeans trouser, styling I consider as style experiment and I think it works, a lady stop me at the train station today asking if I wore a  top or a dress, I told her it is a skirt. Her face dropped instantly. She said “you pull it off, but she is not sure if she can have enough confidence to wear something like that” Confidence is they key, if you like it try it. 
Catch up soon with you all. 
P.S I have deadlines to get over my jetlag. 

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