Restyling outfit helps you discover and gain a creative idea, create a fresh new look, without spending a dime.
This is a proscription, NOT a tips, thank me later!

I am all about restyling an outfit to create a different look, I find this creative and fun. My neighbor asked me the other day. ” Sophia, do you shop every day ?” I replied no I don’t. Although that is the dream when I finally win that lottery I have been telling you all about. (smiling face)

My five tips for getting creative with your wardrobe.

1, Wardrobe management.
Every year I always do a clear out of everything and re-arrange the ones I really need back into my closet.

2, Recycling.
I have three local charity stores near me, I usually wash the clothes I don’t need anymore and take them to the charity store of my choice.

3, Restyle.
I don’t always have to buy new top or trouser every time. I usually pair old outfit together again in a different way.

4, The ones you cannot let go.
I have considered losing weight, so that my clothes can fit into my body again perfectly, Since last year, I decided to take my fitness routine serious and started eating clean.

5, Selling.
Sell on eBay or any other online outlet you feel comfortable to, this is a great way to get some money back.

Photography by Yours truly Sophia Oshodin 
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