In my opinion, sometimes that inspired me is what elevate my palate to a whole new level.
Few days ago, a serious conversation between two unnamed colleague at work got to a point it became an argument, the topic was if runway models are inspiring people to loose weight and stay healthy or simply for entertaining purpose and why Victoria’s Secret does not sell plus size underthings.

The conversation was changed when i was called to give my opinion about this, from my own perspective on this subject matter, runway model are stage for entertaining the product they promote, they does not inspire viewers to loose weight or anything for that matter. Victoria’s Secret controversy is not new to anyone anymore, since i can remember the first time i heard their name.Their models just don’t fall under the category of inspirational or anything that sound like that.

I understand dressy chic with candy floss hair style is not enough to be called inspirational, but you can argue that the generation of this days, will consider mini skirt and decolletage top as inspiring thing.

Unfortunately this is the sad truth.

For example Nicky Minaj and Kate Perry songs are simply for entertainment pleasure.While Grace Jones, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion songs are absolutely inspirational. Considering the above list are all in entertainment business. Consider the vocal ranges please.

Even wikipedia gave a different meanings.
 “Entertainment, event, performance, or activity designed to give pleasure to an audience”
“Inspirational something Artistic inspiration, creativity in artistic production”
While i understand that the outfits in this post might not be inspiring nor entertaining, but it does make me feel truly myself and comfortable. A busy weekend in London does make me rethink how to dress before i leave home. Not going out for entertaining purpose. Thank God for that…….

I am happy to hear your opinion on this topic. 

Continuation of small talk about camera:
I finally got a new one Nikon D5500, am currently learning how to use it. Although the previous small one I had was also Nikon, Nikon is quit a good product. Thanks to all of you for your suggestion and advise.

Re: Responds from previous post before this one.

Thank you everyone who sent an email asking for the post which I promise to do on how to grow your Instagram thing* I did not realise lots of people will be interested in the post, it will be coming next.

1 wearing a black short shirt/dress
2 Photo call with westfield Stafford  E-Paparazzi 
3 working from home with my new Nikon on stand by
4 A Sunday tea session with Ian Anderson 
5 A Sunday lunch with Ian Anderson 
6  A photo taken by Jennifer before i left home. 

I am outta here is almost midnight again and again. Actually Good morning all.

See you all again soon.

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