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Recently I saw the hype about waist trainer or cincher! So I thought why not jump on the bandwagon and get one. I did and started using it, to my surprise I have not yet seen any result. (It must be me)  anyone tried it yet? Let me know your thought. So i have had it for more than a month now and still counting. somethings are just to good to be true! The only result i have see is when wore it makes outfit blend well but as soon as i take it off i am back to the old me! Did you notice i wore it in this outfit ?  It goes to shows that not everything celebrity endorse are cute. Some are a pure wast of money!!

This is not one of my signature colourful looks, but when i takes hours bringing my wardrobe down because i was looking for something easy or simple to wear. So i ended up on the dark side of things! Well i say this look is (OK.com) because i am seeing things…….Are you not? 
I wore this look the other day going out to see some of my female friends i haven’t seen in a long time. Work and family does keep does keep us busy to a point we don’t see often.  And of course to have a girly chat!! Skirt is a linen from Asos i have wore this sometimes on the blog but one of my favourite comfortable skirt. I paired it with my Zara top, adding a pop of colourful orange so Kate heels. To complete this look i add my Chloe drew bag which i have over used to a point there are marks and scratched on it.
 I did not know which tittle to come up with so i just decided to call it the remake! 

Photos credit to Jennifer.O
I will see you all soon……


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