Oh, my God! When did people became inspiring or favourites because of numbers? Stay with the conversation….

First thing first, let me apologise for the blog silence, i have other commitments at the moment that is taken my time. Second thing, my hands must have mistakenly pressed the wrong button in my camera, all the photos I took over the weekend came out blurry. I only manage to sort it out this yesterday.

I’ve been to some bloggers and fashion events, I have heard some terrible conversations. This time, my ears were bleeding, it was even worse. The blogging world of TODAY is all about numbers and higher figures. Below is the conversation from the two bloggers xxx who sat next to me at the event.


“Look at her she just walk in, she is a super blogger with 2 million gram follower my favourite girl in the game, who is the next blogger that just walk in too? I don’t know WHO THAT IS, she is not popular or anything”.Wait for them to announce her name and check her Gram page out. Later SILENCE, SILENCE AND SILENCE after checking her Gram page. NOT my type she doesn’t have millions of followers, the second girl reply, but the girl got style at least give her that. HaHa style with no followers and thousand of likes, she doesn’t cut it. She is more like a D-Lister”.

As I struggle to hold my breath after listening to such pathetic talk from those two girls, It became very clear that blogging is now known as THE HAVE AND THE HAVE NOT GAME. So because some bloggers don’t have fans and likes on social media, that means they are now D-Lister’s? I don’t have any intention to pressure myself to compete with the “bigger” “better” “famous” and “more fans” bloggers, DARLINGS I can’t deal. I am not the type of person who sees a designer
 bags with 20 million followers so that blogger is automatic inspiring or become my favourites. Hell No NO.

My very good friend who is a fashion editor at one of London top magazine always says, It’s really incredible how many brands are only interested in Social media numbers, some of them deliberately invites bloggers to events just because of those numbers they see on Instagram. (how sad)

It doesn’t matter if their style fits the brand or not, if they can sell the product or not, the only attention to counts the numbers. That is where the real problem started from. 
This is some of the reasons I don’t normally attend such events, I get lots of invites, but some of them bring nothing but humiliation. 
Today blogosphere there are so many pretty face with nothing to offer, and so many accusing people wrongly of not having enough fans. One fact remains, this type of people brings nothing to the table. The only thing they add to the fashion industry is a pretty face, eyebrows and accusations. No support what so ever.

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                                       All photos taken by yours truly (Sophia)

I really don’t know how people come to terms with who is their favourites bloggers or inspiring blogger, this is something I still can’t get my head around.

There are people I genuinely admire for their great style, not because of their social media current status.

I will be very interested to hear your thought on this subject matter. 

I will be back soon.


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