The effect of after summer down.

I missed LFW this year (sad face), sometimes things get in the way and what get the top priority is done first. Because these are the main things that matter in life, as a human not all the time you have to be part of something and everything, take a few steps back and rewrite the subject matter in the direction you like it.

 (better days ahead) My sweet apologise for my inconsistent with blog post, in a bit to become a better human with a fast speed of multitasking everything and life together, excluding macaroons eating and waking up very early in the morning. Work and some other project are taken the best part of me, soon everything will come to normal mood. I have tried to keep an update with the gram and other social platforms.

I wore this outfit a few days ago catching the last summer sun on my way out, I pull out my shorts again for one more last ride with the legs before the weather turns to a new direction. I chose a shorts because I  needed something girlie, easy and just go go with the flow, the thought of this top I wore in the previous post before came to my mind which somehow goes with the short (thing) . Also, lots of people asked for the link of this top, here it is on Asos on sale, get it here,  Hopefully, it is still online when you click on the link.

Photos by Jennifer
Top Asos
Shorts Tkmaxx
Have a lovely week guys.

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