If you have been thinking about it, if it is personal style or commercial style.
 Stop thinking and read this.


So much fuss still going on about style and personal style, so today let’s talk about it again. 
Sometimes ago, my neighbour said to me “I don’t dress like normal people” Not sure what type of normal people she was referring to, my subconscious mind whispers to me, Sophia you know normal people scare you, tell her that. No, I did not tell her I just look a bit confosed.com
Is personal style still happening? 
In today’s fashion world, there is a lot of styles and experimental looks happening in our daily living, ways of dressing are constantly changing.
It doesn’t matter if your style is Classic, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian or otherwise. It is something that is unique to you, how you wear your outfit in a way that gives a person a distinctive description. 
Personal style includes having a great characteristic way of dressing that makes a person different from others. For example, Daphne Guinness is a style icon of her own, who does wear outfit way over the top, and kind of absurd. 
Guinness would probably admit that she’s not exactly your average human with ordinary dressing sense.”Remember her boyfriend, Bernard-Henri Levy, who said “she is no longer a person, she is a concept” I strongly agree with him!
Tips for finding your own personal style.
Seek inspiration
Like what you have
Be smart with shopping 
Speak to a style consultant if possible
Believe in your confidence
Practice make perfect
Don’t follow the crowd 

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