Sophialastyle celebration is for you my readers and me. I  have so many incredible readers from all over the globe. I have received so many wonderful emails of encouragement and support.
You are the best team. We just got better!

So many of you have followed this blog, from the very start and still here to support me. Thank you so much. The blog success happened so fast i even started asking myself how is this possible ? Well i am very thankful for everyday life, and the strength to continue to post something new on the blog, as well as the ongoing conversation about fashion. Looking back at each post and styling since i started blogging. I am very grateful and happy for everything this blog has brought me, so many opportunity and amazing friends. 





This is one of the most asked questions i get, what is the success behind your blog? Or what is the secret? I get loads of emails from readers/bloggers requesting for some tips. and am like! am not there yet, but I will keep on making good editorial post.
Here are some blogging tips and my opinion.
Blogging can be time consuming and need constant updating. You have to really have the passion for fashion , be enthusiastic for what you love doing, and don’t give up easily. I have been in the fashion industry for 3 years before i started my blog. I worked in the past for Marks and Spencer women/homeware section. 
Let’s be clear you don’t get paid to blog except you sell advert and otherwise.
As a fashion and style blogger, you are the creative director of your blog, decide your outfit, style your self, direct your photographer how you want to pose and write, edit up the post. 
I love to style my self in my own way.
How many blog post you want to post each time depends on you. It’s entirely your choice, but it will be nice to keep the blog updated for your readers and potential brands that might have interest in your blog.
It does not matter how many people visit or read your blog, but some one is definitely going to see what you are doing at some point.
Social media are good platform to promote yourself and keep the conversation going. Make good use of your social profile such as Instagram, google plus, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook page.
I mostly get a lot of traffics from Instagram, as I have manage to build a good Fan. It is good to keep the conversation going, likes and appreciate other people page, blogger and more.

Like I mention above, you don’t get paid to blog so I don’t see the need to purchase a camera worth thousand and thousand of pounds. Some of the most beautiful photos you have seen were taken with iPhone/phones. A good camera is ok to use, if you feel the need to use a high tech camera, it’s your choice.
Do not put yourself under stress trying to make your photos look like Kim kardishamn or Beyoncé . Highly retouch pictures. 
I remember i read on daily mail UK. Sometimes last year about a blogger who made a confession on her blog, how she retouch her big stomach to make it flat . She got tired of it all and decide to come out clean. Read it  here
Checking out your fellow bloggers and appreciating their post and outfit is another way to let people know you also have a blog.
 Do not let “I am too big or famous syndrome” overshadow your personality. Having said that, there are some bloggers who will never visit your blog because they are already famous. Take note. 
If you notice mostly I blog at night, sometimes that is the time I get to settle and feel relax to put in a lot. Juggling blogging and your day job can be very tricky. I am lucky I have my younger sister who we are together 2 to 3 times a week so I get to take photos as I go along, from church outfit, meeting clients and occasional outfits. Some outfits make it to the blog some don’t. 
If you are so busy and feel the need to take a break from blogging! no problem, just keep it updated with other fashion related post, polyvore is a good way to share your wish list.
Your blog is your selling point, how you present it is how people will take it. 
Fashion blogger should not have music playing on their blogs or difficult comment settings, it put people off for even trying to stay a minute or two. Simple lay-out is good, if you feel the need to update and switch things around do it, remember its your blog. 
Keep on doing what you love till you reach a point where you feel yes! I am where I love to be.
Receiving gift for reviews is up to each bloggers. In recent months, I get lots of request, but I have decided to only accept things I genuinely love and of good quality. 
Collaborate with other bloggers you admire. 
Stay away from Negative vibes, you don’t need it. Don’t feel other bloggers are better than you . We are all unique and special in our various ways.
You don’t need anyone to approve your fashion blog. God is the only one who we seek approval and guidance from not fellow human being.
As part of the blog birthday,I will have a question and answer on my Instagram page @sophialastyle using the hashtag #sophialastyle360stylechart. Let us keep the conversation going…..

Photos credit to 
Me,Jennifer, Ian and Sam. 

A big thank you to my fellow bloggers who have supported me on this journey and my lovely readers from all over the world. 
Thank you again. 
… Love Sophia 


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