There is a saying that one man’s meat is another poison. That Sunday accidental outfit became the sensation of the moment, (why). When a dress is too short simply improvise like this one.
 Striking layers was what I wore on Sunday to church after I got ready my sharp mouth sister Jennifer said you are not wearing that dress to church like that , just too short. After much argument, i decide to improvise by wearing trouser under the dress.

I had no idea I will get lots of compliment from some of my church members and a passer-by,  I was very confused when people walk up to me and say I like your outfit,  the outfit I wore by accident became a style inspiration for someone else. (This is not a groundbreaking look) Usually when I dress to church not for the blog because it is mainly dressed down or a repeat of one dress that I like so much. Some other times I just mix and match the colours like what you see here orange heels and pink bag. As much as I like layering in winter , the summer heat is too much to wear layers, thanks to London weather daily wind that will make you think before leaving home.

While this outfit might not be the perfect dress code solving problem to others it did made me feel super cute for 10 minutes!!!!!
Rounding this post, more of this layering will be appearing on this blog. You agree ?

Photos by Jennifer
Dress Choices see this here  , shoes Christian Louboutin so Kate , Pant Zara  old , Bag YSL. 
Keyboard down, I will be back again soon.

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