As the summer takes the last steps on stage, top like this come calling in sheer manners.

This is the first photos I have sorted out from my Paris holiday diary, I got back from Paris a few days ago, I am still in that Parisian holiday mood. But super excited to be back again and blogging resume as usual. Sometimes all we need is a little break from here and there to regain focus.

I was greeted by the cold London weather, oops it was very hot in Paris, here in London the cold is creeping in gradually, soon the jumper and layering season start. Its guarantee late night in London coat must be worn weather you like it o not, am looking forward to drinking more teas and hiding indoors more.

This sheer top was love at first and still is, I will not be able to wear this now in London because this cold weather is seriously not my mate on any level. But more action next summer, top currently on sale at Asos. I wore this with my lace skirt and heels, I don’t think I show off tits walking around Paris.

                                                              Photos by Ian Anderson

Happy weekend guys.


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