CAUTION:  Approach with consideration. I am African with an open HEART. 

This is somethings that happened to me very recently. 
I arrived at work and went straight to the kitchen to make my self a cup of tea and I overheard some small talk. So I went to dig deep but did not realise I would be able to make it a story on my blog.
So basically someone got sacked from their job because the person they sat next to was from the LGBT community, and they did not like the sight of that person to a point where the person kept on preaching that.  “you are going to hell if you don’t change.” 
The person who got the sack is of African origin and is always going on about Jesus Christ and the Bible. While this person came to clear their office items drama started which was uncalled for.

After this episode was over, one of my English colleague said: “Sophia you ready for this? Don’t be offended I just have to ask.”

What is your view on the general LGBT community?

I am not in the casting stones business, neither am I the God to judge others. Whatever makes anyone happy they have my support, do it and don’t care what people are going to say.

I understand some people of African origin cannot keep their mouths to themselves irrespective of where they are. Sadly this is the reality of life. Too many REPLICA versions of Jesus Christ out there. (I can’t deal).

My colleague looked at me in disbelief.


“Sophia you don’t sound like an African person, I mean you are not Africanised enough. I am happy you have an open mind. You used to sit next to the colleague from LGBT community and he said you got on really well.”


“Lol what makes someone African enough?”

My colleague

“Most people from African origin are always preaching how God doesn’t like this and that, and hardly support the LGBT community mainly because their culture thing or tradition is against it.”


“Honestly it doesn’t matter if someone is gay, lesbian, straight or from underneath the ground. As long as the person is good and feels happy with the decision they have made, you have my support.”

This thing doesn’t bother me in any way, I don’t understand what is wrong with people these days.People have an opinion for everything and must say it. Must you?

Telling someone they will go to hell because of their sexuality is wrong, do you know when the light bulb is going to switch in your direction?

Judging others will not make anything better, you only send a signal to the world as to what type of person you are.

I have always been open about life and embracing who we are and what we do, even if others don’t understand it. I have so many friends from the LGBT community, we discuss everything and laugh at ourselves.

Back to the issue:

“You are not Africanised enough”

This is not the first or second time have I been told this: “You are not Africanised enough.” I think individual personality is different, yes I don’t agree with those African countries that are punishing people just because they are or become LBGT community. We all have our faults, why cast stones?

I haven’t read anywhere in the Bible that you should be casting stones and labelling people for their race, religion, sexuality or disability. People make things up as they go along.

Main reason I don’t attend African churches, I cannot call the pastor ‘DADDY’. I won’t! If people don’t like being addressed by their names , for example Mr Potatoes, Mrs Chicken Nuggets. You are not my Daddy.

Growing up in the harsh reality was an eye opener. I am African but I see things from a different perspective.
Any kind of discrimination towards any group of people, because of their races, ages, cultural minorities, sexual preferences, disability, genders and religion is wrong. So many social media riff raff chanting hate at every given opportunity. I remember growing up reading Micheal Jackson skin colour changes issue, i remember i read a particular article with tittle “MJ not African-American enough” as a child i dd not quit understand it all, but as i educate myself over the years, i realised MJ was battling with vitiligo.

Enough war already going on around the world, PLEASE

The other day on the Gram, somebody challenge me for saying Caitlyn Jenner photo is beautiful.I wasn’t  ready to get into a social media argument of any kind. (the gram is full of hate) This post if not just only directed towards African, this is a general article for all RACE and COLOURS.

This Look:
Scarf Old from Tkamxx 
Photo Credit to Jennifer.

If you are reading this and still have issues with other peoples race, religion, disability, sexual orientation.  #begonerightnow  #trynextstop
Opinions don’t pay anybody’s bills ( roll eyes).
My outfit for today also make me less of an African person. (blink)
Now you shall go and feel freedom. (kiss kiss)
Open your mind to see beyond the inferiority complex. (game over)
“You are not Africanised enough” 
You damn right!!
My hair is Brazilian
I drink too much English tea
I eat too many French macaroons
But then I still love African jollof rice
I love Italian pastas
My little legs are African
My teeth are probably African too
My bobo is even English.   Oh La La
My dad told me about African time when i was young. (always be on time when going somewhere) When I am invited to attend African parties, if 10 am is on the invite so shall it be 10am start. Don’t keep me waiting for 5hrs let the show start on time. 
I can imagine all the hate message coming from this post, watch how many African who are going to unfollow me everywhere. Booom!!
Wait i even poet ?


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