If you haven’t yet spaghetti your way in this heatwave, you should give it a ago, the heatwave expires soon while the frozen cold await us. Lets skip town in spaghetti style.  
I am sure this is the first time i am actually wearing a full post of spaghetti , correct me if you manager to check my archives for any. I understand the seduction power of wearing  spaghetti, that is if you have a long beautiful tone hands why not wear one every time if the weather permits. That explains why i don’t wear one on a regular basis because my hands are not in the main line for it, (roll eyes please) as much as i love to wear one but i feels sometimes uncomfortable or rather semi expose walking on my own on the street. 
I have always admire those perfect body that wears a sexyyy one, am  no Kate moss nor Jada Pinkett Smith. But almost there!!

I saw this spaghetti in Tkmaxx sometime ago and git it straight off, but had to wait to wear it at the appropriate weather understanding. 
These photos are way far back from Nice holiday, (apologies for posting this late). I usually sort out all my photos few days after arrival, but this time i forgot and kept finding more photos inside my camera.  
One more thing, a lot s of request to keep the blog updated with my favourites pick AKA shopping  haul.
As soon as i get my #mojo back i will do more on that.

Top from Tkmaxx Culottes Asos Bag YSL Heels Christian Louboutin So Kate

Photos by Ian Anderson

Thank you all for your amazing messages and words of encouragement.

Sending you all love.


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