Finding the perfect oversize knit in the right time of temperature hitting the ground real fast, without cutting teeth for fashion is a way forward.

I find sophistication in layering on top of layering, it might not be a tasteful stuff for today’s fashion world, but this tomboy mixed with a girly-girly look with a flavor of ripped jeans will make you look good in any situation. (Jack Sparrow is still a master of layering)

I confess since last week, every outfit I wore  is on the double side, almost wearing everything inside my wardrobe. The comfort is super cool, as I don’t have to worry about what is underneath, the only visible one is the top coat, that is what everyone notice. 
I admire the courage of those young teens I saw first thing this morning, with seriously exposed belly bottom, bare legs and no protective jacket not to talk of a scarf. To think the cold was heading their direction should have been enough warning to dress well. While my knees were almost too cold to stand, I realised someone just walk past me with almost nothing on, that made me even more cold. 
All of a sudden I started thinking of the usual blogger sacrifices, if to pose for a photo in the cold or not, what they hell I am going to plan for this winter shots, when the temperature reaches minus what ever degree celsius  , perhaps I can stand against the wall, with my tripod and remote all indoors with a smile. (say cheese to the camera) 
Lightning would be an issue since I don’t have any camera light or a mini indoor studio yet, I am looking forward to another escape to the sun. Like I said before, I don’t like outdoor much in winter, I am usually an indoor person after work with a mug of tea. Is that not what people do ?    
For this lovely Sunday, here are the photo shoot I took on my way back from church, with tripod and control. I am getting used to this now, having fun on set all by myself, to a point I am even throwing one leg up. This knit is from Tk Maxx, it’s been catching dust inside my wardrobe since I got it from their summer sales for a bargain. 

Oversize knit and inner lay knit from Tkmaxx 
Photo credit to Myself (Sophia) 

What plan do you have for your winter photo shoots ?
Do any of you have a home studio ? 
Share your tricks below.

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