There is this saying that “see Paris and die” who ever made that up was damn right, the city of endless beauty and charm. You just gotta love Paris and never get enough of it. Nothing beats Paris. 
I have been spending days here in Paris and loving it, who would not?  baby is amazing right here. The shops and food plus the building is all you need to breath daily.

I am always fascinated to see buildings that are well over 200 years old still looking like a brand new (nipple clips just bought yesterday). Paris beauty never fades, the beauty is amazing and just keeping getting better every time, having travel to another country I must say Paris take the crown. (Paris est beau dans le style de la crainte), The fact that the building can even give you (plus que l’orgasme), the hotel we stayed was something to describe as another * beautiful thing* of his own.

The hotel lavish Baroque Revival hotel is a 3-minute walk from the Chaussée d’Antin-La Fayette métro station and 1.4 km from the Louvre Museum, the rooms are super chic mix plush, modern furnishings with original detailing. It was just a dream place to stay and unwind, too bad my french wasn’t anything beyond bonjour all day long, as a big city that plays an important role in fashion industry, the shops did not disappointment me, a girl gotta be careful with spending because the shops are right in your eyes.

Paris make me feel like I want to shoot all my photos in every location and every beautiful building I walk past, (crazy crazy), the power of the architecture is outstanding and creative with never ending history to learn. Just imagine  Palais Garnier opera house for the amazing opulence and its architect, holy freaking lord Charles Garnier designed an unquestionable art of masterpiece of a first class rank. Looking at the chandelier inside, hell yes I just want to swing from it like tomorrow doesn’t exist, my neck hurt from looking at them none stop. We live it here for now, I could go on and on about the beauty. The big question is how on earth did anyone came up with that idea and remain dedicated until it was finally built and open?

Next blog post perhaps. 


Photos taken by Ian and myself, using the new camera Nikon D5500 and iPhone 6 plus.  
1, Standing in front of a mirror this morning in that hotel room wearing french connection and choices top 
2 Same as photo 2 
3 Having dinner in one of the restaurant
4 Tom Ford disco mini bag and lipstick, mac lipstick and Bobbi brown foundation , Celine sunglasses
5 Another dinner out in a Thai restaurant
6 Shoes and bag inside a chair in one of the hotels floors
7  taking a photo walking towards Louvre
8  Admiring a beautiful building along the road
9 Shoes rotation 
10 Hotel banke lounge
11 Another dinner out 
12 Mixture of my holiday essential 
13 Standing indoors
14 Eiffel tower photo taken by me
15 A visit to Palais Garnier
16 Blending in with the human movement, too many legs to crop out. 
Paris is indeed an inspirational place with so much more to explore.
The holy grails of beauty is in Paris.
Any finally happy new month of September to you all.

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