It’s black to black!

Growing up, I remember my dad never let us wear all black outfit, simply because all black outfit is for mourning and it means something sad. Every time my dad saw someone who wore black and black, he always asked did something happened? If the answer was no, he will bombard that person with a question like are you praying for someone to die. (typical African parent)

My sisters and I battled with my dad on this issue, regardless of how we, explained it was fashion, he just was not accepting it. The only time we got away with it was when he wasn’t home, and at the time, we were in university staying inside the campus. Most times, I wore heavy colours which I later fell in love with, I hardly wear all black everything. 
I can count how many times I have worn everything black when leaving home, few times if I remember. I don’t even have any black coat in my wardrobe. I don’t know why maybe I haven’t found any that I like or I was only looking for a colourful coat to buy. 
Thank God I don’t live with my parent anymore, imagine adults in this day and age arguing about what colour to wear. 
Over the weekend, I wore all black everything. A blogger I know on Instagram found these Solace London black culottes in my size, sent me the link to the site which I got straight away. I love cool culottes like this because it helps hide everything. 



Clutch Chanel
Coat Asos 


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