Hello everyone! Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend. My weekend is a little bit of every thing, from work to getting busy preparing for my birthday which is next week Friday, same time i am travelling on holiday to where i will spend a quality time i hope! I was also battling with hay-fever, which was trying to take me on the wrong ride. That is the main reason i have been silent on the blog for some time now and i  have not been able to take some photos.
Hopefully tomorrow outfit i will try and take a quick photos before i leave home.  Although i am feeling much better now, but my nose is still driving me nut! with sneezing. I seams to get hay fever every year and it sometimes get worst at this time of the year during spring and beginning of summer. 

The month of June is just round the corner which will be even more freaking busy for me as i will mainly be travelling around just like (Dora the explorer) which i am very super exited about. Will keep you all updated as i go along. I know it will not be easy updating the blog while i am away, also my sister Jennifer is going to be busy as well so i will try and figure out a way to keep it updated. (fingers cross)

The photos above i took few days ago with my iphone 6 plus! I was just working on some styling outfit i am taking on holiday. I think it is about time i let the legs come out and play again ? I mean wear short under a hot sunny weather sipping cocktails near a beautiful beach side! Who doesn’t want to do that ? Did you notice the shoes in the photo! Well let me tell you that it is my birthday shoes and i cant wait to rock them. I have been wearing them indoor and getting myself comfortable in them. This is what i usually do when i get new shoes, i walk around the house wearing them every day until i am perfectly happy they are loose to my liking. The shoes is so Kate 120 mm Christian Louboutin in neon yellow, a very hot color. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you must have seen the photos up already and i am sure i caption it the color that changes the game. As you know i get high when i see colorful things!

Thank you all and i wish you all a fabulous new month of June. 

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