A new boy in town, Something the girls like. Or the boy is WOC. 
As i usually dress according to the weather forecast and sometimes occasional mood swing does get involve from a human introspective, today was another day to play sexy safe with the weather as summer return by force in London. Fear not, short skirt was another (thing) again, i wore Fausto Puglisi  sweatshirt i picked up from Tkmaxx. I find it amazing sometimes the things you find in tkmaxx, this is not a glamorous look where heels get involved, but something comfortable to take me round London was the only thing i had in mind before i left home. My look is to simply walk the chic balance which i coordinated in black and a pop of colourful bag.

After spending the day at Victoria park in London, walking from side to side with Jennifer before we went for lunch, i am completely knockout. I am so motivated of recent and have taken my daily walking routine serious, adding to the the 3 times a week gym session with plenty of fruit in consumption. ( slim charming in progress)

Oh boy, Oh boy.
Some of you who follow me on Instagram must have already see some action of my new Chanel Wallet on Chain aka WOC bag, its no secret i have a *thing* for bags. Particularly mini cross body bags, this time i went for orange colour in patent leather. I first saw this bag  in summer 2014, when a sister could not get one at that time. Thank God this one is finally my new boy. In my opinion this is one of the most versatile bag i have to date. Thanks to some amazing website that deal with authentic pre own goods site like malleries.com are just one of the few site i use from time to time with lots of bags to choose from. Now you know i have a new boy in town, Something the girls like. My boy name is WOC. 

Small talk about camera.
I mistakenly knock my camera down the other day. (sad face)
I am hoping to get another one soon, any advice to the best one that can capture good quality photos ? share your thought. I have been looking at Nikon d600 85mm and Canon 600d, i just need something i can set up on tripod and do most of my shooting my self. Sometimes Jennifer and Ian get busy which means i have to figure out how to take photo for the blog. 
Let me know in the comment section the best you can recommend/used before. 
P.S i know my blog does not have the best photos/stunning images. 

What i was wearing
Flats Marks and Spencer (old) 
Photos by Jennifer and My self. 


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