We now live in the age where everyone is clamming style originality and style genius! 
I visited loads of fashion blogs read style magazine on a regular basis and some of the things i read are rather uninspiring . I mean you need to grow balls to be able to post article dissing your fellow bloggers simply because you have been in blogging business for 100 yrs! (do not do it) I remember i read a comment on one blogger Instagram page when she “claim she is original and authentic she is also the first to spot others bloggers with real talent” Thank God there is no emoji with middle finger up! 
Let me be realistic, if you are a blogger and lucky enough to be posing for Chanel and Cartier does not give you the right to bring others down. What ever you think you wore first someone else already wore it long time ago. My Mum always say to me if you think you have never seen something before, it is because you have not find it. Just find it you will see it. (plain and simple)
Recently the outfit Beyonce wore for this year met gala event became an a social median mock, people calling her copy cat and posting photos to compare it to what late Lisa ‘Left eye’ Lopes wore to the 1997 MTV VMAs. And so what ? Because one person wore a similar outfit does not mean another Person cannot wear it again. Business wise brands does not produce their product just for one person to wear, how will they make money ? If you can afford it pleases go and buy and wear as you like. 
How does this relate to fashion blogging ? I recently stumble upon an article on another blogger site, again this is someone who is not even know in fashion blogger throwing stones at others!! (phew) According to this article ” bloggers nowadays are so money hungry and desperate for fame, when she started blogging it was just about her style now she see bloggers running after brands like water. The bloggers you find this days don’t have their own style it is all copy cat” OK, My small mouth is about to go on ranting! Let me just answer that silly line from that blog, people as individual should have the choice of what they want to do with their business, there are gazillion fashion bloggers out there with different views and reason of starting blogging. I have nothing but praise for them! This quote from The Wolf of wall street says it all ” Now if anyone here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic, go get a job in f***** McDonald, cause that’s where you f****** belong!” get mmm?  If people want to be running after brands let them do so with their own strength…. Nobody owns style or originality please get that straight. 
Fashion is a huge industry there is so much more to come, it is only fair to to be happy for those who have made it rather than getting piss of.  I am not a fashion or style genius but i am good with clothes. I am my own style icon! ( AKA SOPHIA THE ORDINARY GIRL)  I already praising the freaking lord for we all to make it, so we can fill the street with Lamborghini and Porsche!!!  (boom boom!)
As a fashion blogger be happy for others, it is a very small community so watch it! 
Do not encourage hate or hide behind the Internet to dish out hate #onlyloveallowed 
Stay true to your craft, wear your outfit as you like and be happy!
Do not let social media control your thought! #keeponstyling 
Support your fellow bloggers. Remember hate is too expensive! (O! O! i cant afford hate too expensive) 
When your time comes you will definitely shine. 
It is not how long you have been blogging that counts! 
Stop claiming you are too original! 
Be grateful for who you are and where you are at the moment.
With all that being said, the outfit i wore was created a couple of days ago! The top somehow make me look pregggggg. Hell not! Every now and than i get to pick one annoying top like this one i am wearing in this photos, obviously not my size for a start. (the story of my life) I pair it with my blue pant from DVF and blue Le boy Chanel bag. Adding so Kate pink heels. I was happy to step out for a photo shoot but than the rain started from nowhere. I manage to get a quick photos.
I will see you all again soon for details of my next travel adventure. Let me go before this blog get me in troubleeeeeeeeeee. 
Top Mavin, Bag Chanel, Heels Christian Louboutin so Kate, pant DVF. 

  Photos by Ian Anderson
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