At the bleeding edge of  technology,the real message has truly been lost in the ocean of social media followers. That insta girl is making headlines with her million of followers. And all of that. 
(the insta fame monster)

Its a shame how today success is been measure by the numbers of followers on Instagram and Facebook likes, The insta girl with 1.5 million followers, 18 thousand likes per photo with 200 comments is now the success of today. I am sure the headlines grab your attention, i was invited to a fashion function where two social media guru guest speaker  gave every body an inside of how to grow your digital space, this include social medial for business purpose and also be aware of the dirty business of today social media success.
Before now i have always wonder why my IG followers and Facebook likes don’t add up, I stop wondering from today. Because i have learn a thing or two, so i thought as this is my main digital space for sharing the things i love and bringing you a genuine content for ongoing conversation, i will always be here when Facebook and Instagram hash tag fades out. Why not share with my readers so they can learn something as well. As much as i love see beautiful photos on IG , it has become a bloody hard work. (i cant keep up)
Where does this get off ?
Some of the point and note i took during the speaking session, what does your Instagram/Facebook says about you ? (Lol i freak out at first). A major blogger which was not named during the session, is said to have employed a social media manager to help grow her followers. But what exactly did the social media manager did to gain millions of followers over night ? one of the guy who was a speaker said what is legal and allowed in the industry was done. READ HERE PLEASE (You should start rolling your eyes as you are reading this)  i was also given this link too. 
Another point taken down. Instagram is now a daily job for some people, (Oh, i did not even know this). According to one speaker, there are people making money from it every minutes of the day, so don’t take it for granted. 
Last point taken, this is the annoying part i did not like, if you don’t have more than 250k followers and over 5 thousand likes per photos you are just an ordinary blogger like me, that means you are not famous. Brands are only interested in high numbers. (No wonder why some blogger ego are on auto skyrocket day by day).  
As i end this post, i was just wondering what the hell we all use to do before Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and now that crazy snap chat. Does any one know ? 
In my opinion, i am not crazy about over night success, good work will definitely speak for it self when the time comes. I am genuinely happy to keep the interaction going, instead of acting it up. I am not sure what the future will hold regards this subject matter, but i can just think how people we no longer have a real communication anymore, and everyone will have to communicate via social media through the lance of our telephone and tablets.  
Back to this outfit, which i wore to the event.

Wearing red is one way to get a red attention, painting the town red is even better. Red really brighten up the mood and guaranteed to turn heads. Red and nude is a pass mark!

Bag Celine mini box
Accessories, The peach box, Cartier, Daniel Wellington
Photos and makeup done by Jennifer

The other part, i will bring to you more details in my next post,  how to Grow your Instagram followers organically and keep the interaction going.

Am seeing red now

I have to go…

See you all soon.

P.S.  This post is not to have a go at any fashion blogger, just sharing what i learn from others.


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